Ecommerce for ERP Software for Distributors

Internet Shop contains the tools necessary to integrate web-applications with administrative systems. This includes an Internet Shop web-application, a user-friendly maintenance tool designed for non-technical staff, and connectors to a number of administrative systems. Connectors are delivered out of the box for synchronized integration but are also available in online and online-on-demand versions. The business information presented in the Internet Shop is maintained in the administrative system and is therefore identical with the business information used by the rest of the organization. The business transactions performed in the web-applications are entered into the existing business processes, which enable you to benefit from the existing control and audit mechanisms.

Internet Shop allows you to start small and let the extent and refinement of your web-application grow at the same pace as your success on the Internet.

 Internet Shop for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Features Summary

Features Description
Complete e-commerce solution
  • Supports Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), or a combination of both
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Completely customizable to suit any need
Custom Design
  • Easily incorporate templates and style sheets
Multifunction Catalog Manager
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV based Catalog Manager means lower training costs
  • Effortlessly organizes an unlimited number of items and categories
  • Date-driven catalogs allow for catalogs for every season
  • Multiple catalogs allow customer-specific views of only the items that client requires
  • Web pages automatically change when changes are made to product catalog
Features forUp selling
  • Up-sell feature allows promotion of specific items using the Featured Products bar
  • New items are promoted on the New Items front page
  • Shows customers what items are “hot” with the Best Sellers section
  • Related products displayed below items to encourage similar item sales
Item Pages
  • Item information maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Displays multiple product images along with detailed descriptions and specifications
  • Zoom feature allows customers to see product images in greater detail
Item Variations
  • Supports item variants as defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV system
  • Displays variant images
Units of Measure
  • Supports multiple Units of Measure offerings
HTML Description Boxes
  • Allows HTML formatting of items and category descriptions for custom-designed product information
Favorites Lists
  • Favorites allows customers to flag items for later purchase
  • Lets customers easily add items from Favorites to their cart
Easy Search Function
  • Search feature allows customers to easily search for items offered on the website
  • SSL, Digital Certificates, IP blocking, NTLM
Easy Re-Ordering Options
  • Displays customer’s “Bestsellers” for easy re-ordering of frequently purchased items
  • Features easy reordering through the customer’s order history
Various Menu Options
  • Dynamic menus maximize page space and give targeted categorization
  • Standard expandable menus that suit B2B needs
  • Static extended menus provide quick availability to all products
Multiple Site Compatible
  • Allows multiple websites to be managed under the same installation
  • Multiple websites can be both B2B and B2C
Discounts & Quantity Pricing
  • Directly pulls item discounts or customer discounts from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Shopping Cart
  • Shopping cart maintains products selected
  • Intuitive shopping cart allows customers to easily review contents at anytime
  • Easily update item quantities in the shopping cart
Customer Self Service
  • Allows B2C customers to set up accounts, manage preferences and shipping
  • Customer’s profile is easily updated to make the shopping experience easier
B2B Advanced Features
  • Multiple user profiles linked to same customer profile
  • B2B customers can view ledger entries and open balances in addition to order history
Real-Time Shipping
  • Calculates shipping based on item weight stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with major shipping companies
Easy Checkout
  • Shopping cart information is summarized for the customer
  • Ability for multi-currency transactions based on user-defined profile
  • Includes all necessary functionality for credit card and e-payments
  • Supports promotions/coupon codes
  • TAX/VAT Nexus calculation support
Order Confirmation
  • Automatically sends email to the customer with their order details after placing orders
Multi-Language Option
  • Ability to display product information in multiple language