Knowledge is power!…Especially good business intelligence (BI) with great Distribution Software!

Business Intelligence in Distribution Software is the basic foundation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) to help monitor and guide a company to make better decisions.  However, can you ever have too much data from your Distribution Company’s ERP System to extrapolate, digest, and review?  I say No!…In the ever changing business world of Wholesale Distribution, you should also have plenty of data and knowledge to help guide your company to be successful!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Business Management System that can help your Distribution Company with the many desired reports and as much business data that you want. How many reports can we get from the dynamics nav system?  How about hundreds and hundreds of reports along with thousands of features to guide you through your business data in “real time” reporting.

In addition to being more compliant, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an “easy to use”, customizable, robust system that is used by over 80,000 companies worldwide.

Sitting on top of a Microsoft SQL Data Base with built in reporting services, there is a plethora of business intelligence that you can extract and use for better decision making for your distribution company.

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By iCepts Technology Group, A Pennsylvania Reseller of Microsoft Dynamics NAV