Mobile Service Management

Would your organization like to get rid of forms, sheets or other pieces of paper that are used to transport information to and from your customers? Has your organization ever estimated the cost of pushing business documents created by service employees working in the field?

Mobile Service Mnagement is designed to support business processes where an order is created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision, scheduled by a planner, and sent to a team or an individual user in the field.

The user can also initiate work in the field while at the same time keeping planners informed.

The service order includes all crucial information, including the customer’s name, address, the service priority, the customer’s preferred appointment date and time, and, of course, a description of the problem.   As the work is completed, the service employee records all important service information such as type of service, fault reason, fault area, symptom, solution and quantity on her/his mobile computer.   Furthermore, the service employees can add onsite requests which then supplement the ones that already exist in the back-end system. When the service job is done the customer may sign off right then.

This contributes to invoicing the customer correctly and for the actual costs without demanding extra resources in your administration.

Minimize Cost

With Mobile Service Management your organization will be able to minimize these costs while at the same time providing service employees, as well as managers, with up-to-date information.

In addition, each service employee will only receive service requests that are relevant for her/him.

You can also enable the technicians to be able to create new service orders and register new equipment.

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