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5 Strategies to make you money in your warehouse Your warehouse is the most important area of your business or building. Why is that? Isn’t this where you keep a lot of your money? You invest all that money in your products and you keep them in your warehouse. Who is watching your money out there?

How Dynamics NAV helps your employees get more done The RoleTailored user interface design provides you with a quick overview of the information relevant to your job and gives you the ability to focus on your own tasks over all others.

5 Ways Dynamics NAV Helps Distributors Make Money Wholesale Distributors need to control already tight margins by increasing efficiency while reducing waste.  Technology can greatly be of help by integrating processes and providing easy access to vital information required for operational improvements.  This white paper describes 5 ways in which Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) can help distributors make money.

MIcrosoft Dynamics ERP Deployment Guide:  ERP Deployment has many options these days and new definitions such as: On-Premise, Off-Premise, Public Cloud & Private Cloud.  Find out what ERP deployment option fits your business by reading this document.

A Distributors Place In The Supply Chain:  This article, written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, emphasizes the importance of the role that distributors have in the supply chain and to make sure that they are visible while highlighting their unique value proposition.

Better Cash Flow Through Tighter Inventory Control:  This article, written by Charles Intrieri of Charles Intrieri Consulting, focuses on increasing cash flow by more effectively  managing excess, obsolete, and slow moving inventory.

Strategies for Better Margins:  This white paper will discuss how to better manage your margins through better pricing strategies.

Keys to Making Money in Distribution:  Written by Jason Bader of the Distribution Team, this white paper gives an overview of basic distribution fundamentals for profitability.

Business intelligence For Dynamics NAV: This white paper discusses how the business intelligence capabilities available with Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help people make informed decision-as a natural part of their everyday work experience.

Do Customers equal profits Customers are very exciting. However, new customers are even more exciting! Just like a brand new box of crayons they smell so nice! New customers are teaming with potential and there is no telling what they might buy or who they will tell how awesome your company is. New customers are what you as a business are always hoping for. You can gauge how well your brand is doing because new customers are signaling continued or inspired growth!