Top 5 Wholesale Distribution Software Features in NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has just been released with new ERP functionality in mobility, business insights and cloud services for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations Wholesale Distributors.  Microsoft continues its commitment to making investments to their Distribution ERP Solutions and planning on a determined “Roadmap” for new product releases.

NAV conWholesale Distribution Softwaretinues this journey with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

These Top Top 5 Wholesale Distribution Software Features in NAV Include:

1. Mobile ERP Technology:  A new feature for NAV 2016 is the ability to gain access to the NAV system from a mobile device that you prefer.  Give your field sales reps the power to access customer order information, view previous orders, see what levels of inventory are in stock and place orders immediately.  This technology is used for both Sales and Service for your Distribution Clients

2. Faster Access to Information: With an intuitive user interface, Dynamics NAV 2016 helps you by making data entry on pages the most commonly viewed tasks on NAV’ s User’s Interface to increase productivity.  Gain access to your Wholesale Distribution information regarding Sales Orders, Multiple Locations, Item Cross References, Item Tracking, Warehouse Shipments and much, much more to make your business operate smoothly.

3 Advanced Inventory Forecasting:  Reducing Inventory carrying cost while increasing margins can cause a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales.  By doing both, you will significantly increase profitability. Forecasting Technology can select a formula based “best fit” approach to properly managing your inventory as well as identifying surplus inventory and planning for item “seasonality”

4. eCommerce in “Real Time” Connected to your ERP:  NAV is expandable to include “real time” connectivity to your NAV’s eCommerce, web site and shopping cart solution.  NAV’s Internet Website solution is completely customizable while having popular functionality such as:  Item Variations, Units of Measure, Easy Re-Ordering Options, Discounts & Quantity Pricing, and Real Time Shipping.

5. Scalable & Flexible Business Management Software: Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Flexible Wholesale Distribution ERP Solution that can meet your unique business needs today and in the future. More than 110,000 companies rely on Dynamics NAV; making it the best selling mid-market ERP system globally.   NAV can grow with your “unique” distribution business needs.

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