Track and Manage warranty repair services better for your distribution company

Manage Maintenance, Repair and Services for Warranty Processes

Service Warranty is an add-on module that allows you to manage the repair and service shop business issues within your distribution operations. It handles maintenance or repair of customer products that require either billable or warranty service work. Upon inspection, a work order might involve warranty work, billable work, and internally charged work, or any combination of the three.

Service Warranty handles the entire cycle of shop activities, from necessary shop parts and labor, vendor claims, customer billings, and write off of internal parts and labor; a valuable tool for any customer performing these types of service-related functions. Service Warranty allows you to track and manage customer service requests, trade partner service orders, customer sales history, or activity history for the lifecycle of each customer’s warranty and customer care experience.

 Warranty Claims

Proactively manage warranty claims, billing and receivables, the number and types of service incidents, and warranty expiration and other key details. Features and functionality that improve the overall warranty process and the level of customer service you provide.

• Claims tracking through reconciliation from vendor

• In-shop warranty processing with claims generated automatically from SRO and vendor claims per SRO

• Manual warranty processing

• Dealer claim submittal and claim resubmittal

Service Repair Orders

Service Repair Orders (SROs) in the Service Warranty module allow you to increase productivity and streamline your entire work order system.

• Product repairs/maintenance

• New product setups

• SROs generated automatically from sales, product assemblies, purchased upgrades

Key Functionality

Services are managed and tracked through histories and service bulletins that provide key information.

Service and repair history by

• Product/serial number

• Date range

• Bulletin number

Service bulletins

• Manufacturer notices

• Track problem/failure code

• Open Activity Server interface for recall activities

Additional Features

Service Warranty includes features that allow you to manage your resources and ensure proper timely billing.

Flexible pricing and billing

• Standard customer pricing for billable work

• Vendor rates for warranty work

• Internal work at cost

Resource scheduling

• Scheduling by SRO stages

• Item pick-up tracking/queue

• Item delivery tracking/queue

Time management and analysis

• Technician time tracking

• Estimate versus actual times

• Use of Standard Repair Times (SRTs)

Analysis of shop performance

• Improve efficiency by comparing estimates to actuals

• Improve performance by evaluating shop’s capacity

• Compare available hours to shop’s job load

• Inventory control of shop/truck parts

• Shop-specific G/L accounting

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